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Backgammon's Gambling History

There is no historical evidence as to who were the first people in this world who placed a bet and won on a backgammon game. However, backgammon as been existing in the entire globe back in the ancient times. The Roman version of the backgammon game was called Tabula. It is said that this is where ancients learned how to play the backgammon game. It was noted that Tabula was only focused on gambling. The fondness of the Romans for dice game is very popular. The tabula set has many resemblances to what we popularly know as the backgammon. Romans are known for violent sports and thus the birth of backgammon was welcomed by the Roman citizens who belongs to the less-violent society. However, there is no guarantee that a game of tabula will not go violent in the course of the game.

The motivation for the development of backgammon rules was the setting of the agreed framework where backgammon would take place. Setting the rules about how to move the pieces, deciding which is legitimate and illegitimate, gives assurance to the players that their stakes are worthy and is being played under a mutual set of rules. The first codification for the rules of backgammon was published on 1740's and has been accepted ever since.

The co-relation of gambling and backgammon is rooted on the excitement that this games provides for the players. The stakes placed by the players yields a more interesting outcome for all the people involved in the game. Players are motivated to do good once they see that they have a big chance of winning a large amount of money. The birth of doubling cube back in the 1920's provided a hike to the international scene of backgammon by increasing the prize at stake and thus raising up the interest among all concerned. For many players, there is no difference when you play the game for the stakes or just simply playing to have fun as long as the rush of adrenaline is always on the go. In addition, when a player feel that his skill on the game have a reached the point of maturity, they see themselves winning frequently rather than loosing. It motivates them them to generate money out of their talent in playing backgammon.

Nowadays, backgammon innovated into a more defined and more exciting game of all time. The birth of the Internet gave way to the development of backgammon software to extend the interest of the gamblers. Online backgammon as it is now called, gives better opportunities to players. The prizes offered are extremely attractive and players are still assured that they are playing under a mutual rule. Just remember to register in a legitimate backgammon website to enjoy more benefits.